**   ERP FACTORY SOFT CO., LTD. (THAILAND)    **

**We are a team of software developers (Software House) specializing in manufacturing software directly for industrial factories. Currently, our main office is located in Thailand. We are the real experts in manufacturing, whether it's production planning, MRP systems, or production scheduling (Production Scheduling, Advance Planning), and overall system control within the factory.**

**We provide comprehensive ERP/MRP SYSTEM solutions for factories, including the following main systems:**

1. **Purchase Management System (PURCHASE)**
2. **Sales Management System (SALES)**
3. **Production Planning and Material Calculation System (MPS/MRP SYSTEM) (MATERIAL REQUIREMENT PLANNING) to prepare materials before production**
4. **Inventory Management System and Barcode System (INVENTORY SYSTEM)**
5. **Shop Floor Control System for tracking production processes in the factory, recording work status (OK, NG) from production**
6. **Outsourcing Control System for managing external production processes (e.g., outsourcing to suppliers) (OUTSOURCING)**
7. **Real-Time Production Tracking System**
8. **Packing System for product packaging and Barcode/QR Code (PACKING SYSTEM)**
9. **Invoicing System (INVOICING)**
10. **Barcode/QR Code-based Control System for all mentioned systems**
11. **Advanced Production Planning and Production Scheduling System (ADVANCED PLANNING, PRODUCTION SCHEDULING) (addon systems)**
12. Other systems such as workforce efficiency calculation (OEE), cost management (COSTING), MRP calculation for tooling for component and assembly factories in automotive, electronics assembly, and other complex manufacturing facilities

 ***  Benefits of MRP system (Material Requirements Planning)   Please see below Page **

***If you are interested in DEMO SOFTWARE, custom programming for customer-specific factory needs, or for further inquiries, please contact us at Tel: 089-0035991  or  Email : erpbillion@yahoo.com

*** ERP FACTORY SOFT CO., LTD. guarantees 100% Software and Implementation to customer factories.*

We are a team of programmers and system analysts from international software development companies with over 20 years of experience (18 years in Japanese software and 3 years in Indian software). We specialize in MPS/MRP systems and production scheduling and advance planning for customers in the manufacturing industry, particularly those producing electronic parts, assembly parts, automotive parts, plastics, masterbatch, compound, mixing, and complex parts and assembly works. We also cater to factories seeking software solutions to address production challenges.

**NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM:** This software facilitates production planning (MPS/MRP) and manages industrial manufacturing processes for factories producing parts, CNC parts, electronic components, assembly parts, and various other industrial works requiring MRP systems.
 **Netsys ERP/MRP System** is a software system based on the principles of MPS/MRP calculation, similar to ERP/MRP worldwide software such as SAP R3, SAP B1, etc. Therefore, you can be confident that our company's software system operates equivalently to international software counterparts.
The picture shows the MRP calculation principles of SAP and NETSYS SOFTWARE of Erp Factory Soft Co., Ltd.
### What is MPS/MRP and Why is it the First Priority?

ERP/MRP software's primary capability is to generate a comprehensive work plan for the factory. Many software solutions in the market claim to offer MRP and production systems. However, in reality, they often focus more on accounting and financial systems. MRP calculations might rely on material reservations, which is not accurate. Proper MRP calculations should be based on the following parameters:
1. **Gross Requirements**
2. **Scheduled Receipts**
3. **On Hand Quantity**
4. **Net Requirements**
5. **Planned Order Receipts**
6. **Planned Order Releases**
Using incorrect or incomplete methods for MRP calculations leads to inaccurate MRP plans. This inaccuracy impacts every department, causing uncoordinated and flawed preparations. For instance, incorrect MRP calculations result in inaccurate purchase orders, ineffective detailed production scheduling, and other issues, leading to the failure of the ERP/MRP system.

Conversely, accurate MRP calculations ensure correct purchase orders, precise production plans for all parts, and seamless operations across all departments. Therefore, MPS/MRP is the critical starting point and must be accurate to ensure the success of the entire production system.
 ### NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM: Comprehensive Factory Software

Our NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM is an all-encompassing factory software solution. We emphasize and guarantee solutions for production issues, starting from the crucial initial step: accurate MPS/MRP planning. Our NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM uses the same correct MRP theory as SAP SOFTWARE but is designed to be much more user-friendly and intuitive. When the initial MPS/MRP setup is accurate, all subsequent systems will align correctly, similar to buttoning the first button of a shirt properly. This ensures a significant reduction in problems across all departments.

**When production plans and MRP provided by the software are accurate, we will know exactly what to produce and what materials are required.**

**Key Benefits:**
1. **Advance Preparation:** Every department can prepare in advance for upcoming tasks.
2. **Accurate Purchasing:** The purchasing department will know in advance what materials to buy, with the correct item codes and quantities (MRP).
3. **Efficient Inventory Management:** Inventory will be maintained with the correct materials, avoiding overstocking or shortages.
4. **Material Usage Calculation:** Calculations for consumables (spare parts) are managed using MRP FOR TOOLING.
5. **Real-Time Production Tracking:** The software enables real-time tracking of production, addressing material shortages and assembly part issues promptly.
6. **Enhanced Production Efficiency:** The system helps avoid machine downtime and ensures production output quality (OK, NG).
7. **Improved Order Fulfillment:** It increases the efficiency of fulfilling sales orders accurately and on time.
8. **Cost and Efficiency Reporting:** The system provides detailed reports on costs and the efficiency of both machinery and labor (OEE).

In summary, an accurate MPS/MRP foundation leads to a well-coordinated and efficient production environment, addressing issues across all departments significantly.
 ### The Purpose of NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM

The NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM aims to transform factories that either lack a system or face numerous production issues into well-organized, efficient operations with a robust ERP/MRP framework. Our system ensures that every department has confidence in the accuracy of the data, aligning it with real-time production activities. Daily operations run smoothly, and management no longer needs to be constantly present on the factory floor.

**Key Objectives:**
- **Streamlined Operations:** Smooth and efficient workflows across all departments.
- **Reduced Workload:** Decreased working hours and workforce requirements.
- **Cost Reduction:** Lower operational costs.
- **Enhanced Efficiency:** Improved performance in every department.
- **Product Quality:** Higher quality products.
- **Automation:** Automated systems with BARCODE controls ensure accuracy.
- **Profit Increase:** Boosted profitability for the organization  and etc.

Interested in a DEMO? Please contact us at: 089-0035991
          Vertical MRP Report by  NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM
The MRP Table of NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM by ERP Factory Soft Co., Ltd. (Thailand) represents the results of production planning and material requirements calculations. It utilizes the same accurate theories as leading international software like SAP.
Diagram showing the functioning of all departments of the NETSYS ERP/MRP System 
 ### What is the NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM?

The NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM is our comprehensive ERP/MRP software package designed to manage all aspects of factory information systems. Here are the main features and functions:

1. **Customer Order and Forecast Management**: The system processes customer orders or sales forecasts in advance.
2. **Accurate Material Requirement Planning (MRP)**: The MRP software accurately calculates the raw materials needed for production. It provides purchase order recommendations to the purchasing department to ensure the correct materials are ordered.
3. **Production Planning**: The MRP software generates precise production plans, aligned with customer orders and forecasts. This includes planning for work-in-process (WIP) and finished goods (F/G) production on a daily basis.
4. **Inventory Management**: Upon receiving materials from suppliers, the inventory department uses the system to generate barcodes for raw material containers, facilitating proper identification and issuance for production.
5. **Work Orders and FIFO Pick Lists**: The system generates work orders and FIFO pick lists for raw materials required for each production order.
6. **Production Tracking**: Work orders are sent to the production line. The system records production data, including the quantity of good (OK) and defective (NG) items, using barcode scanning (Shop Floor Control). Tablet handheld devices can be used as optional equipment.
7. **Real-Time Production Monitoring**: The system provides real-time monitoring and tracking of the production process until completion.
8. **Automatic Packaging Process**: The system automates the packaging process by generating packing barcodes/QR codes. These tags are attached to bags or boxes according to predefined customer packaging standards. The packaging department scans these QR codes to fulfill sales orders, generate sales invoices automatically, and the cycle begins anew, ensuring accurate daily operations.

For more information or a demo, please contact us at: 089-0035991.
 The image shows RAW MATERIAL BARCODE / QR CODE TAG that is automatically generated when receiving raw materials (GOODS RECEIPT).
 The picture shows the F/G BARCODE TAG that is automatically generated when doing the PACKING SYSTEM.
 The picture shows the MRP TABLE calculation results of NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM, which is the starting point and heart of all planning systems in industrial plants.
 Carrying out the production process of production orders (WORK ORDER) throughout the industrial plant with Computer Handheld equipment (accessories Devices)   (  SHOP FLOOR CONTROL  PROCESS ) 

Production Scheduling [ NETSYS APS industrial production scheduling software ]




### Benefits of an MRP (Material Requirements Planning) System for Manufacturing Plants

**Benefits of an MRP System:**
1. **Enhanced Production Efficiency:**
- The MRP system helps manufacturing plants plan production effectively by accurately calculating the required material quantities and scheduling orders precisely.
2. **Reduction of Material Shortages:**
- By forecasting material requirements, the MRP system minimizes the risk of material shortages that could halt production.
3. **Improved Inventory Control:**
- The MRP system enables efficient inventory management, reducing the risk of excess or insufficient inventory.
4. **Reduced Production Costs:**
- Minimizing unnecessary inventory lowers storage and handling costs, as well as the risk of obsolescence.
5. **Better Customer Service:**
- The MRP system ensures timely delivery of products to customers, increasing customer satisfaction and trust.
6. **Enhanced Planning and Decision-Making:**
- Managers can utilize MRP data for accurate strategic planning and decision-making.

**Consequences of Not Having an MRP System:**
1. **Material Shortages:**
- Without an MRP system, material shortages can occur, causing production delays and preventing timely delivery to customers.
2. **Excessive Inventory:**
- Manufacturing plants might over-order materials, resulting in excessive inventory and increased storage costs.
3. **Poor Inventory Management:**
- Lack of an MRP system leads to disorganized inventory management, potentially causing expired or damaged materials.
4. **Higher Production Costs:**
- Inefficient inventory and production management result in higher production costs and lost competitive advantage.
5. **Lower Production Efficiency:**
- Plants may face unstructured production processes and poor planning, leading to decreased production efficiency.

The Impact of Incorrect MRP Calculation on Manufacturing Plants

If a company uses incorrect MRP (Material Requirements Planning) calculations, it can significantly harm the manufacturing plant in several ways:

Inaccurate Production Planning
Material Shortages: Incorrect MRP calculations can lead to material shortages, causing production delays or halts.
Excessive Material Orders: Overestimating material needs results in excessive inventory, increasing storage costs and taking up unnecessary space.
Improper Inventory Management

Overstocked Inventory: Excessive inventory increases storage and handling costs and risks material degradation or obsolescence.
Insufficient Inventory: Insufficient inventory can prevent the plant from fulfilling customer orders promptly, leading to customer dissatisfaction and lost business opportunities.
Erroneous Order Management

Untimely Orders: Ordering materials too late or too early disrupts the planned production schedule.
Incorrect Orders: Ordering incorrect materials causes delays and additional costs in returning or sourcing the correct items.
Inefficient Production Management

Production Interruptions: Incorrect MRP calculations can lead to production halts due to material shortages or misaligned production with customer demand.
Resource Misallocation: Inefficient use of machinery and labor increases production costs.
Delayed Customer Order Fulfillment

Late Deliveries: Miscalculations in MRP can lead to delayed deliveries, causing customer dissatisfaction and loss of trust.
Stockouts: When products are unavailable, customers may turn to competitors.
Increased Costs and Financial Losses

Higher Production Costs: Inefficient resource usage due to incorrect MRP increases production costs.
Financial Losses: Poor inventory and production management can lead to significant financial losses.
Poor Management and Employee Dissatisfaction

Employee Dissatisfaction: Disruptions in the production process can lead to employee stress and dissatisfaction.
Management Difficulties: Incorrect MRP calculations complicate production and resource management, making it more challenging.
Using incorrect MRP calculations can negatively impact production planning, inventory management, order management, production efficiency, customer order fulfillment, and increase costs and financial losses. It also complicates management and causes employee dissatisfaction. Accurate and precise MRP calculations are crucial for manufacturing plants to operate smoothly and efficiently.

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