Sales, Procurement, Master Production Schedule( MPS ), Material Requirement Planning ( MRP ),  MRP Simulation, auto Create PO from MRP, auto Create Production Plan from MPS, MRP For Tooling/Spare Parts, Shop Floor Control, Warehouse Management,  Manufacturing Execution System( MES ) ,  Pick & Pack, or Serial NO. , Costing System,  Bar Code & QR Code System, OEE System, Purchase Vendor Job, Rework Job, Milk Run Logistics Support,  NG Replacement Rework,   Manufacturing Dashboard  System ...etc. 



        The software house and consultant company that guarantees Software Package MPS, MRP / ERP, SHOP FLOOR CONTROL, Outbound Production control, PICK & PACK system, MRP For Tooling / Spare Parts system, COSTING system, Manufacturing execution system and .. etc.

NETSYS ERP/MRP SYSTEM  is our ERP/MRP manufacturing Software.

     The MPS Production Planning, MRP, and ERP Industrial Manufacturing Management) Software that is suitable for all complex industrial systems.

      NETSYS ERP / MRP SYSTEM software (a word from Net Change MRP Calculation System) aims to solve problems. And develop the organization to be a good system in production planning, MPS, MRP, and other department control throughout the organization.

   Suitable for all industrial plants Especially in the industry Manufacture of Automotive Manufacturing Parts, Electronics Parts, and all types of assembly industry. assembly parts,  CNC Parts ..etc

     The software has been developed with a focus on solving problems that organizations often encounter and organizational development Especially Emphasizes real MPS and MRP production planning and Material requirement planning systems and benefits from other controls, such as shop floor control, real-time status tracking of all processes. 

     Delivery for outside suppliers to work and Outbound Production Control and Control, acknowledgment of immediate defect parts.  (NG) problems and Generate replacement work for this immediately.

    Costing control of every step of production, Generate BAR CODE, QR CODE  for Packing Process or Product Serial Number and etc., is the most important.

Software working concepts are correct as in word-wide Software ERP / MRP systems such as SAP and others.

Netsys ERP / MPR SYSTEM is our ERP / MRP System Software Package.

We provide production and installation of ERP, MRP, Shop floor Control system software, making of factories programs such as Implementation ERP, MRP, and monitoring of industrial factories comprehensively both in Thailand and overseas.

ERP Factory Soft Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturing ERP / MRP Software System on Cloud & Factories Base
System management for industrial factories directly with ERP / MRP software.
Foreign industrial plants, Japan and Thailand, both on Factory Base or Cloud Base technology.




Netsys ERP/MRP SYSTEM  MRP TABLE  by Erp Factory Soft Co.,Ltd. (Thailand ).  






System Module 

   Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Master Production Schedule, Material Requirement system, MRP simulation, Shop floor control 
Out-sourcing, production tracking (Manufacturing Execution System), quality control (Quality Control) system to solve problems of waste (NG) and make a replacement of waste timely .. etc

NETSYS ERP / MRP SYSTEM  is Software Production Planning MRP manages industrial production suitable for all industries, especially for industrial factories, PARTS, electronics, assembly parts.



We are a CONSULTANT & SOFTWARE HOUSE company in a direct industrial factory. We design and IMPLEMENTATION of ERP / MRP SYSTEM in MANUFACTURE PART.

    We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, developing, and SOFTWARE system management in Enterprise Resource Planning and MRP II (MANUFACTURE RESOURCE PLANNING) for Japanese, foreign, and industrial factory customers.

We provide ERP / MRP SOFTWARE services for integrated industrial plants (SDLC) from the original system survey. Design new systems, implement MRP and ERP systems that are appropriate for each industry, either on the FACTORY BASE at the customer's factory or on CLOUD COMPUTING.

1. Industrial customers There is no obligation to search for or prepare INFRASTRUCTURE. But it is the duty of the company ERP FACTORY SOFT CO., LTD to prepare INFRASTRUCTURE Those that are up-to-date on the CLOUD COMPUTING (Software as a service SaaS) system (Microsoft Azure) all the time.

2. User access (USER) can access the software system. Anywhere in the world at the same speed as your own factory, and available 24 hours a day.

3. Importantly, the highest data security system according to the highest standards certified by the NBTC


   Based on the experience of being a Consultant and Development Team from Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore) in the world-wide ERP / MRP Software overseas of Japanese factories and foreign factories for over 20 years (is the Consultant and Development Team of Software House India ( Bangalore) Experience Implement SAP .., etc)

   We are an experienced team. And expertise in ERP and MRP systems (true) of large industrial plants directly

    Erp Factory Soft Co., Ltd. Guarantees NETSYS Software and 100%    Implementation

       The Netsys ERP/ MRP system places great emphasis on features. The most important feature of the manufacturing system is the production management system for the entire organization.

1. Factory production planning system (MPS) for all parts and all parts (AUTO PRODUCTION PLAN CREATE FROM MPS (recommend plan))

2. The system to calculate the material (MRP) to prepare for production in advance (AUTO PO CREATE FROM MRP)

3. Shop Floor Control & Production Monitoring Production tracking and others

4. Production Planning for waste Replacement (NG, Defect) (see details below)

The purpose of Netsys ERP / MRP System is to be the software to manage the organization's production to the best. Reduce production costs the most

The MPS / MRP system is the starting point of everything in the industrial planning system.

-                What is the Netsys ERP / MRP Software system?

   Netsys ERP/MRP System  is Industrial Management Software System Manufacturing ERP / MRP consists of the following modules: Sales System, Purchase System, Inventory System, Master Production Schedule, Material Requirements Planning, Shop Floor Control, Production Monitoring System, Pick & Pack System.

- Once the Netsys system is implemented, what you need to get from the Software Netsys ERP / MRP system every day and forever is

To work each day, each week The system will calculate the production planning at every stage, every part in weekly or daily to be produced in advance. Monthly raw material procurement plans and all stock confirmation will be zero (Zero Stock of R / W, WIP, and F / G). Production will be timely (or finished production first) on every order. The Netsys system has no warranty. Lack of material shortage, the problem of waiting machine Waiting for machines, and others will be reduced or none at all. Because there is a correct plan every day.

the system is the correct planner in all departments (Production, Purchasing, Sales, Warehouse, and others In order to be a guideline for staff in every department to have a daily working map.

     However, the actual operation of the system is also flexible, so it is the decision of the staff to work according to the actual situation involved in every step (the system is a tool (Tooling) to help all staff work well and easily. There is a link in every department. In every step of the industrial system.

      For example, the decision to produce Part No. and how much of a day depends on the decision of the user (Planner or User), but the system will produce the correct production plan in every part (MPS) for the user. The production plan guide what parts we will work with each day in order to produce timely on every order in every day with the highest efficiency.

    The result of the MPS plan at this stage is the Netsys system. Confirm that even a planner without much experience or the complexity of the Bill of Materials, multiple layers of goods (FG) or work in progress (WIP) in the assembly or production of goods The implementation of the production.

Netsys Erp / MRP system, SAP ERP / MRP equivalent working principle interested, ask for details or contact to software demonstrate  Call 089-0035991

                     Which industry is suitable for Netsys ERP / MRP?

    1. All types of industrial plants that need a system. Production plan And controlling activities in the factory Great industry Especially in the industry experiencing problems Complexity with overseeing the entire factory production Especially the automotive parts industry, electronics parts, parts, .. and the plastic packaging industry in the blow molding process, such as the manufacturing of gallons, plastic bottles, etc.

               Guaranteed correct operation of software like foreign software systems (SAP).

   2. Industrial plants Who have previously experienced disappointments with other software ERP / MRP systems.

   3. The company guarantees the operation of Software and Implementation. The company focuses on providing software systems to calculate production plans. And the correct material purchasing plan and other work plans That corresponds to all departments. Software work is easy to use, not complicated but has high benefits. It can be used to work or modify for maximum production efficiency and actually work.

     The ERP FACTORY SOFT CO.,LTD.  emphasizes the success of implementing ERP / MRP software in the production system of the factory in order to give the customer's factory the highest production efficiency.

      Netsys ERP / MRP is the software package of ERP Factory Soft Co.,Ltd.   that is capable of calculating complex MRP systems to be used for production planning in both Main Process and Sub Process and calculation of Procure materials in layers quick and easy linking information systems at all departments of the factory together.

      since receiving the orders from the customer. After that the Netsys ERP/MRP  software calculates MPS / MRP for issuing work plans in each step of production Or ordering raw materials.

      -  Issuing production orders 

     - Production tracking Until producing every step until finished

     - process of generation QR Code and Bar Code  ( Label or TAG )  for Packing Process ( Pick & Pack or Product Serial No. )

      - The system supports to create Serial Number of each product until Logistic issued an invoice for sale.

        By working correctly and easily, step by step running MRP Calculation in just a few minutes Calculation management with Sales Order or Sales Forecast Stock of both raw materials, products and work in process. Work orders that are open for production and production orders that are ending all plans.

     The software system will calculate correctly to be a guideline or the one working map of every department in every day.

     But all said Is system-based planning. The Netsys system is also flexible in accepting planner plans or actual work situations with high efficiency But accuracy is still the key.

      The purpose is to help the process in every step of the production. And management in every department, from sales, purchasing, production planning Production and Control Quality inspection department Logistics Division Work consistent And effective at every step Timely delivery to customers And the highest quality products Netsys Erp / MRP system is fast and easy. Running MRP Calculation in just a few minutes Was able to issue both the production plan And procurement plans. 100% accurate material in a lot of data and complex BOM software GUARANTEE: 100% SOFTWARE system warranty working of ERP / MRP software, working principle equivalent to leading international SOFTWARE WORLDWIDE ERP / MRP SOFTWARE(SAP, EPICOR, SYTELINE, Microsoft Navision ..etc)Customer Reference High-End industrial customers are the confirmation of the company's ERP / MRP Software system. Netsys ERP / MRP software consists of the following key functional modules.

      1). Sales & Analysis

     2). Purchasing and analysis system (Procurement & Analysis)

     3). Inventory & Warehouse Management

     4). Master Production Schedule MPS

     5). Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system

     6). Capacity inspection system Both rough And detailed (Rough-cut Capacity Planning & Capacity Planning)

     7). Shop Floor Control

     8). Production monitoring real-time

     9). Quality Control & Quality Assurance

   10). Delivery Management System

  11.) Production planning system for waste policy (PRODUCTION PLANNING FOR WASTE, DEFECT (NG) REPLACEMENT), And other features of NETSYS ERP / MRP Software by department (summary


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